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Drug Rehab Utah

The ever increasing drug problem in Utah is creating a demand for more successful drug rehabs in the state. Drug rehab facilities in Utah need to meet the personal and emotional needs of their clients. When these two areas are addressed, the person in recovery feels as though they are being truly cared for in a supportive environment where true addiction rehabilitation can take place.

When the drug addicted person is ready for help it is vital that an Utah drug rehab program is ready to admit them. The longer it takes to place the person, the more time the addict will have to change his mind about being admitted to the Utah drug rehab for their substance abuse problem. Because each addict is unique in their recovery needs, successful Utah drug rehab programs will take time to analyze the addicted person's specific needs prior to beginning treatment.

A drug addiction assessment should be taken during the initial consultation with a treatment counselor and as much information as possible should be given in order for the Utah drug rehab center to develop an individualized treatment plan. There are plenty of different types of Utah drug rehab programs including holistic, residential, outpatient, as well as short and long term care. The basic treatment components of many drug rehab programs may vary, but the first step is drug detoxification.

During drug and alcohol detoxification the recovering person goes through the process of withdrawing from their drug use. For many, the detox and withdrawal process is not pleasant (often addicts experience chills, fever, insomnia, etc depending on what drug(s) they were addicted to). However, many symptoms are able to be alleviated with the help of professional care provided at the drug rehab facility.

Many mistake drug detox as the only step in drug addiction recovery. It is important to know that detox, by itself will not accomplish the goals of a comprehensive Utah drug rehab program. After the detox is completed, an individual can focus on the various components of the Utah drug rehab program that will help them to master the tools that are necessary to reach their goal of being drug free.

Once drug detox and withdrawal are complete the Utah drug treatment program will begin to apply other components of therapy. These may include counseling, group classes, behavior modification techniques, and drug relapse prevention education. Successful Utah drug rehab programs will also offer some type of aftercare to support the individual after they have completed their rehabilitation program, and have returned home. Continued aftercare as well as open communication with the staff at the Utah rehab facility once having returned home will further insure one's lasting sobriety.

  • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported 184 drug violation arrests in Utah during 2007.
  • From January through June 2007, there were 475 juvenile and 1,615 arrests for marijuana possession in Utah. During full year 2006, there were 880 juvenile and 3,128 adult arrests for marijuana possession in Utah.
  • Cocaine is encountered throughout Utah and crack cocaine is available in limited quantities. Prices for cocaine powder remain stable.
  • Heroin poses a serious problem throughout Utah. Mexican brown and black tar heroin are readily available throughout the state, though multi-ounce and larger quantities are primarily distributed in Utah's major cities.
  • The majority of marijuana encountered in Utah is of Mexican origin, although it is also grown in the fertile soil of the remote areas of the state.
  • The dramatic reduction in locally produced methamphetamine has been accompanied by an increase in the availability of Mexican methamphetamine in Utah. The price of methamphetamine supplied by Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations has increased in the last year. Several recent investigations revealed that traffickers were charging $1,100 per ounce of methamphetamine, as compared to as little as $650-$700 per ounce in late 2005.
  • MDMA and designer drugs are a problem along the Wasatch Range, which stretches from Provo to Ogden. These drugs are available through bars, clubs, private parties and raves.
  • Current investigations indicate that diversion of OxyContin continues to be a problem in Utah, while diazepam, meperidine, and methadone were also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in state.
  • According to 2005-2006 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 133,000 (7%) of Utah citizens (ages 12 or older) reported past month use of an illicit drug.
  • Approximately 832,000 (42.62%) Utah citizens reported that using marijuana occasionally (once a month) was a "great risk".
  • Additional 2005-2006 NSDUH results indicate that 59,000 (3.05%) Utah citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year. Approximately 41,000 (2.11%) reported past year illicit drug dependence.
  • During 2005, 15.5% of high school students in Utah reported using marijuana within their lifetime.
  • Approximately 10% of Utah high school seniors surveyed in 2005 reported using marijuana within the past month.
  • Approximately 1.7% of Utah students surveyed in 2005 reported using marijuana on school property at least once within the past month.
  • According to 2005-2006 NSDUH data, approximately 8% of Utah 12-17 year olds reported past month use of an illicit drug.
  • Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations dominate all facets of illegal narcotics distribution throughout Utah. Sources of supply for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana are primarily located in Mexico, California, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Designer drug distribution in Utah is controlled by local criminal organizations with domestic sources of supply primarily located in California.
  • The importation of marijuana from British Columbia, Canada remains active in Utah although the majority of marijuana available in the state is of Mexican origin.
  • In 2006, there were 6,603 total marijuana plants eradicated in Utah under the DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program.
  • During 2007, Federal agencies seized 31.9 kilograms of methamphetamine in Utah.
  • For the past several years, seizures of methamphetamine labs have declined substantially in Utah. There were 3 methamphetamine laboratory incidents in Utah reported during 2007.
  • As of April 16, 2007, there were 35 drug courts in operation or being planned in Utah. Twenty-eight drug courts had been in operation for at least two years, 4 drug courts had recently been implemented and 3 drug courts were being planned.
  • As of FY 2007, more than 6,300 Utahns had participated or were currently participating in a drug court. Data indicate that 69% of all drug court participants reported abstinence upon discharge from a drug court program.
  • During FY 2006, 22.4% of Federally sentenced defendants in Utah had committed drug offenses. Approximately 75% of these drug offenses involved methamphetamine.
  • During 2007, authorities reported that there was 1 child affected by methamphetamine laboratories in Utah.
  • During 2006, there were 15,569 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment in Utah. There were 14,926 admissions during 2005. In 2004, there were 13,931 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment in the state.
  • According to 2005-2006 NSDUH data, approximately 55,000 (2.85%) Utah citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the past year.

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Utah Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Utah drug trafficking is primarily conducted by Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations. Sources of supply for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are primarily located in California, the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Mexico. Methamphetamine production and abuse are the primary drug threats in Utah.

Cocaine is encountered throughout Utah. Kilogram quantities are available along the Wasatch Range, which stretches from Provo to Ogden and includes approximately 75 percent of the state's population. Mexican organizations tend to dominate large scale cocaine distribution, although several other groups are capable of distributing kilogram quantities. In recent years, purity levels for cocaine in Utah have remained relatively stable, but prices have risen. Crack cocaine is available in ounce quantities, though it is confined primarily to larger cities.

Surprisingly, heroin is a serious problem in Utah. Mexican brown and black tar heroin are available throughout the state with multi-ounce and larger quantities distributed in major cities. Southern California is the source area for multi-ounce and pound quantities of heroin after being smuggled from Mexico. Mexican organizations trafficking in heroin also distribute cocaine and methamphetamine. Higher purity levels of heroin have recently been encountered through undercover purchases and seizures.

Methamphetamine is the primary drug threat throughout Utah. Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations dominate the distribution of methamphetamine, most of which is produced in Mexico and southern California. The methamphetamine supplied by these organizations has increased in purity in recent years. Over the past four years, there has been a decline in methamphetamine labs in Utah.

This is attributed to a number of factors, including strict precursor legislation (that was passed by the Utah Legislature in 2000), community awareness and education campaigns, and aggressive law enforcement efforts. Currently, most labs discovered in Utah are small (as measured by the amount of product made per cook) and rudimentary, compared to super-labs that were the norm several years ago.

Despite the dramatic reduction in illegal clandestine labs, methamphetamine remains the drug of choice throughout Utah. In August 2003, the owner of a Salt Lake City-based business was federally indicted for Conspiracy to Distribute Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine to be used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. In addition, the owner of another business based in Ogden was sentenced to 97 months imprisonment on 2 counts of Distribution of Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine to be used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine. As a result of the investigation, three local businesses that supplied precursor chemicals and glassware for methamphetamine production have been put out of business.

MDMA and GHB are a problem along the Wasatch Front. They are available through dance clubs and private parties. Many abusers of LSD and other hallucinogens are now dealing and using MDMA and GHB because of their availability and profitability. MDMA distribution in Utah is controlled by structured organizations with domestic sources of supply in the southwestern United States.

Utah drug trafficking shows that the majority of marijuana encountered in Utah is of Mexican origin. Marijuana is also grown in the remote areas of the state, which are most conducive for growing operations due to the fertile soil. Also, the importation of marijuana from British Columbia, Canada, remains active in Utah.

In July 2003, DEA Metro Narcotics Task Force personnel assisted the United States Forest Service and Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office (Canyon Patrol) with the seizure of 8,800 marijuana plants from a remote area of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This marijuana seizure was the largest ever in Utah.

A sophisticated gravity-flow watering system was utilized in the grow operation. Illegal migrant workers were utilized to tend to the harvest, reflecting an increasing trend of having illegal aliens brought to Utah in order to plant, grow, and cultivate marijuana. By growing the marijuana domestically, trafficking organizations are able to avoid having to smuggle the marijuana across the border.

It should also be noted that due to the remote location and rough terrain of the grow site, the Utah Department of Public Safety assisted in the eradication of these plants by utilizing helicopters to fly out thousands of pounds of equipment and marijuana.

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